Pearls, Timeless or Your Grandmothers Go To?

Do you feel Pearls are timeless or are they your Grandmothers go to jewelry?

I feel pearls are timeless and elegant, but over the past few years pearls have been thought of as a boring string of pearls, not chosen for that special occasion or simple elegant look women used to look for. But that has changed!  Pearls are mixed more and more with metals, crystals and other stones to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.


Pearls come in an array of colors and styles that can be used for that sophisticated look to the fun and trendy look.  Colors range from white, yellow, golden, pink, blue, black, lavender, multicolor and just about any color you can think of.


Play around with classic knotted strands to long colorful layers, pearls can be fun and eye catching no matter what you wear them with.  Layer a chain with a pearl strand, it doesn't matter the length, just layer a few pieces together for the look you want.  Looking for a bold statement? Try white or pink pearls with black onyx, or go softer with amethyst or aquamarine.


Don't forget, pearl bracelets and earrings! These too come in a variety of styles and colors.  A simple pearl bracelet or multi-strand pearl bracelet is sleek and beautiful or go bolder with large pearls either in a full bracelet, a focal point or layer them with gold chains or contrasting beaded bracelets. As for earrings, the sky is the limit! You have simple posts, to simple dangling earrings or pearls with diamonds, pearls on chains, multi-drop pearls and so much more.


Pearl jewelry is simply gorgeous and a must in every jewelry box.  Have fun with them and enjoy them!


Proper care of pearls

Pearls are soft and should be treated with care. Never use ultrasonic cleaners or steamers. Wipe them gently with a soft cloth. Pearls need moisture, so if left in an airtight environment for a few years the luster will dull so you should wear your pearls and let them soak up your skins oils to add luster to them.  However, you should never spray perfume or hairspray on or around them or they could destroy the pearls.



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